Micro-bead Extensions

Micro-bead extensions contain 1-gram of hair each, and are installed strand by strand, using non-slip silicone lined beads. Because of the single strand installation, micro-beads are extremely versatile when it comes to styling and wearing your hair both up and down. Donna Bella offers two varieties of micro-beads---I-Link and Flat-tips. I-Link extensions are the typical "shoe lace" top strands and allow for the most movement in the hair. Flat-tips are the same 1-gram stand of hair, that gives the  flexibility of I-tips with the coverage of tape-ins.  

Micro-bead extensions last approximately 12 weeks, after which a maintenance appointment is needed to bump up the extensions. At your maintenance appointment the extensions will be removed. You will receive a clarifying shampoo and a blow dry before the extensions are re-installed and a new bead is added. Hair may be reused approximately two times for I-tips and three times for flat-tips, before a new set of extensions must be purchased.

I-Tips are available in 16" and 18" straight, 18" ombre, and 22" straight, curly, or wavy.

Flat-tips are currently available in 18" straight only.

A consultation is required before booking your installation.


$3 per strand


$14 beading fee

$3 per strand

$80 per hour removal

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