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Hair Extensions


The Investment

Your investment depends greatly on your hair goals and the length of hair required to achieve it. The cost of installation is $155 per row , or $120 for a mini row, + the cost of hair. On average, about 4 wefts per row are used, and most people wanting to add length wear 2 rows. This may change based on the density of your own hair and its ability to support more or less wefts. The price of each weft varies by length, and is listed below:

10": $70 per weft
14": $85 per weft
18": $144 per weft
22": $244 per weft
24": $263 per weft

The average cost of an installation for 2 rows of 18" hair, with 4 wefts on each row would be $1,462.00. This does not include the cost of your color. Custom coloring or toning the extensions starts at $80.


The Maintenance

Maintenance will depend on the texture of your hair, and how fast it grows. 6 weeks is recommended for fine hair, or hair that grows quickly. 8 weeks is the average recommended maintenance period for most guests.

One Row: $155


Two Rows: $310


Three Rows: $465

Mini Row: $120

All Maintenance appointments include a shampoo, blow dry, style and a conditioning  treatment for your hair and the extensions. Color during maintenance appointments is an additional cost.

What is a Row?

A row is a line of weft extensions that wraps around your head from one side to the other. If you want to add volume, or just a slight amount of length, only one row is needed. If you want to add length to your hair, a second row is needed, and sometimes a mini row, or a full third row. How many rows needed is determined by the density of your own hair. 

One Row: The Muse

(Best for adding fullness, but not length)



Two Rows: The Siren

(Most common for adding fullness & length)



Three Rows: The Goddess

(Hair from the Gods, full luscious & long)

The Next Step

Are You Ready to Live Your best Hair Life?

Filling out this quick survey will allow me to get to know you, your hair, and your goals. After filling out your application, I will call you to discuss your options, pay your retainer, and book your hair extension installation. If you're ready for your best hair ever, click below to apply.

All new installation appointments require a $500 non-refundable retainer fee before reserving your appointment. This fee will be applied to the final cost of your services on the day of your appointment.

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